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Lighting Care and Prevention Program

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Oftentimes, homeowners will have Landscape lighting installed for their home but neglect to have it maintained. This can be costly to repair the further you get away from your installation date. Like many investments we make in our property, your Landscape Lighting System requires upkeep and like all electrical systems, needs regular maintenance to ensure peak performance and peace of mind.
Protect your investment in your home, security, safety, and lifestyle with our Lighting CAP Program. This program was established to offer our clients a means of maintaining their Landscape Lighting systems above and beyond just lamp replacement and minor repairs. This is our red carpet, white glove service for your full Landscape Lighting System.
To further explain the difference between our Calendar Lighting Maintenance/regular maintenance and our Lighting CAP program: Our regular maintenance service includes everything you need to make sure your lighting system and lights are working properly. It’s very similar to the regular lawn guys who come out and mow your yard. This keeps your lawn looking nice and maintained. Our CAP program is more like the full-service Landscape company that provides treatment of pest control, weed control and fertilization to extend the life of your landscaping and keep it looking beautiful. This full care service is what you can expect from our CAP Program. It is a proactive, worry-free service plan for your Landscape Lighting.

Membership Perks:

  • You will receive (2) CAP visits per year (every 6 months)
  • 20% off any replacements or repair materials
  • VIP Customer Visits: Free labor visits on in-between service calls for burned out lamps
  • You will receive a detailed checklist of all services provided at each visit
Fixture CountSemi Annual Pricing
10-20 Fixtures$200.00
21-30 Fixtures$250.00
31-40 Fixtures$350.00
41-50 Fixtures$450.00
51 And AboveCall - Custom Pricing
Sign up today for our Natural Concepts Landscape Lighting Care and Protection Program to ensure that every light you have grown to love and count on continues to function perfectly and continues to highlight your property’s beauty. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE