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Lighting Maintenance

Lighting Calendar Maintenance

Maintenance calendar visits are set up based on the number of times per year you would like us to visit. Most clients prefer either quarterly or 2x per year. We do suggest you have us come out at least once per year, to keep your system operating as it was designed.

  • Replace any burned out lamps
  • Check to make sure full system is working
  • Make any repairs necessary to get system working
  • Billed at time on site and materials

(if property is outside our normal service areas there will be an additional Service call fee (trip charge)


  • Similar to vehicle warranties, if your lighting system isn’t maintained manufacturers may refuse to honor their warranty.

Manufacturers warranty on lamps

Manufacturers warranty on fixtures

Labor warranty from us

After labor warranty expires a service call/labor rate will be charged for the visit – Fixture and LED lamps subject to manufacturer’s warranty 

Lightning & other acts of nature are not covered under manufacturer’s or labor warranty but if you have Lighting Calendar service, there would be no service call charge, you will only be billed time on site. 

Cut wires, tripped GFIs & broken fixtures are NOT covered under warranty, this would be billed at time and materials. 

After the labor warranty expires these services will be billed at time on site, materials charges will depend on materials warranties. 

Lighting Care and Prevention Program​

  • 2 visits per year
  • Thorough Inspection of Entire System
  • Clean Lenses
  • Bury Exposed Wires
  • Replace Bad Lamps or Fixtures (subject to warranty and billable at 20% discount)
  • Test Voltage
  • Trim Bushes/Foliage around Fixtures or relocate fixtures
  • Test Amperage
  • Adjust Fixtures
  • Level Fixtures
  • Check for Cut Wires
  • Inspection of Transformers
  • General Maintenance Issues with System
  • Unlimited Service Calls for the year, on burned out lamps (no labor charges)

Cost is based on number of fixtures in system. This service is billed semiannually, after visit has been completed. The CAP program is automatically scheduled for the same 2 months each year, for your semi annual visits.