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Install Process

Believe it or not, most of our landscape lighting and mosquito misting system installations can actually be completed in just 1 day. Although of course it depends on the size of the property and the number and location of the lights and nozzles being installed. When we meet with you on the day of your appointment, we will be able to give you a more accurate length of time that the installation will take. 

A lot of people get worried about us messing up their beautiful landscaping. Which is of course a valid concern. Well there’s good news! 
We don’t need to make big trenches in your yard. We use a flat landscape shovel to just split the ground slightly allowing us to slide the mosquito tubing or landscape lighting wiring down 4-6 inches with minimal disruption to the lawn and landscape. 
We also bury our wire and tubing strategically meaning that we don’t just take the shortest route to our nozzle and fixture locations.   We will avoid any areas where seasonal color is changed out and we do this to minimize any potential for cut or damaged tubing/wire. 
photo of a lawn

There are a lot of great benefits to using low voltage wire when it comes to your installation. Not only does it make the installation seamless and smooth, but it is also safer to use around children and pets. It’s also super cost effective.

Now when we design your new lighting system, each area will all be tied into a transformer that we provide. That transformer will be plugged into an outlet on the exterior of your home. If you don’t already know where one is or don’t know if you have one, don’t worry, we will make sure we find one or help you get one installed when we show up for our design appointment.  This transformer will contain a photocell and/or timer.  At Natural Concepts, we like to use a photocell only system as this will turn your lighting on at desk and off at dawn.  Creating a well-lit area all night.

When we design your new mosquito misting system, we will talk about the location of the tank.  The tank will need to be plugged into an outlet on the exterior of your home. If youdon’t already know where one is or don’t know if you have one, don’t worry, we will make sure we find one or all of our installation crew leaders are licensed electricians and we can add one for you.

Your mosquito misting system will be set up to automatically mist at dawn and dusk.  You will have a handy remote control to supplement mists inbewtween those times.  Our tanks also have a battery backup which means you don’t have to reset or reprogram the time of the mists every time the power goes out. Our Mosquito systems are as maintenance-free as possible so you can just enjoy your yard every single night.

Our technicians and installers are trained, and pride themselves on leaving your home looking better than it did when they arrived.  They will put all removed dirt back where it belongs, brush over all mulched areas and remove any debris left over from the install. You won’t even know we were there except for the fact that you can now enjoy your outdoor living area even more with a well lit exterior and/or no more biting mosquitoes!