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The Mist System

Mosquito Misting Riser
Since the early 1970s, Pyrethrum has been used in automatic misting systems in stables and barns for the control of horse flies. In the 1980’s, the misting systems controlled spiders at lake houses. In 1999, the Mosquito Mist industry began in Houston with systems designed specifically for outdoor mosquito applications, using either Pyrethrum or Permethrin (synthetic) labeled for use in outdoor Mosquito Mist Systems.
Natural Concepts installs Mistaway Systems which has two (2) main parts: the system (the timer/control panel, a reservoir/tank, and a pump/motor), ¼” high pressure nylon tubing, and nozzles located around the perimeter of the yard.
Nozzles are installed around the perimeter of your yard on fences, trees, risers in landscape beds, and the eaves of the house. We pay great attention to detail by keeping aesthetics important. The tank will be located in a remote area of the property, usually by the A/C units or pool equipment on the side of the house.
The timer determines when to mist the yard on a daily basis, usually at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. The pump will deliver the insecticide through the tubing to the nozzles, which turns the insecticide into a fine mist.
Each system is equipped with a remote control for the in-between times, or when the mosquitoes are more abundant.
Natural Concepts works with many builders to prewire Mosquito Misting System nozzles into patio/balcony ceilings (like recessed lighting) during early construction of new homes.

Misting Equipment

All Mosquito Mist Systems include:  
  • Nickel Plated hardware. Brass hardware used for years in older systems cannot match the durability and longevity of our Nickel-Plated hardware.
  • Specialty Pump and Motor. Our 1/2 HP motor is a workhorse. The durability and reliability of this motor is outstanding, and is covered by the Manufacturer’s One-Year Warranty.
  • Remote Control. Most clients want the versatility of a remote control unit. Our powerful remote works up to 400 ft, even through walls. Use the remote to mist when you need to, which will save money on refills.
  • Power Outage Backup. Eliminates the need to reset the timeclock after power outages, which is a problem with many systems on the market.
  • Expand-ability. Companies that use 1/4 or 1/3 HP motors only put up to 55 nozzles on a system. Our basic 55-gal system can deliver nearly twice that amount, so there is no need for a second system for large yards. With larger systems, we encourage using a 125-gallon tank or Mistaway’s unique Two-Zone Kit.
  • Warranty and Guarantee. One year manufacturer’s warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. We can offer this because we install the best equipment, have experience in design, and provide excellent installation. Guaranteed.
  • Owner’s Manual. Every client receives instruction on how to operate their system upon completion of the installation. Clients also receive a detailed instruction manual describing operation of every aspect of their system, electric manual link will be sent to you via email ond also included on your invoice.
Mist Away Systems, Outdoor Insect Control

Gen 1.3 System by MistAway™

Holding Tank Reservoir, manufactured by MistAway
  • 55 or 125-gallon, black, high-impact plastic reservoir
  • Convenient refill cap on top
  • Remote Control
  • Volume markings on side
  • Sealed lid
  • Outdoor protective cover
Control Unit
  • 24 Volt, UL Listed, Digital controller
  • 24 Hour, 7-dayTimer with Battery Backup
  • Multi-level indicator
  • Variable spray durations
Pump and Motor Assembly
  • 1/2 HP motor with pump
  • Self-contained, weather resistant
  • Supports up to 110 Nozzles per system on standard pump/motor with optional zone kit
  • Agitation keeps a consistent blend in the tank, avoiding separation and settlement. This keeps your unit functioning at peak effectiveness for the entire contents of the drum. Very few manufacturers, if any, have agitators for their tanks.
The MistAway gen 3 and 1.3 tank sitting in a backyard

Gen III Tankless Outdoor Misting System

The Gen III is a state of the art, more expensive tankless outdoor misting system manufactured locally by MistAway. Each time the system is activated, Gen III precisely mixes a fresh batch from the concentrate. The smart cap on the cartridge tells Gen III the proper dose of Pyrethrum to address your mosquito problem. The Gen III is also convenient to maintain; simply snap in a Pyrethrum cartridge and the automated controller does all the work.
Gen III is smart, it is the only system on the market that can detect a leak in the nozzle circuit. If it does detect a leak, it lets you know by blinking the LED light on the outside of the housing. It also suspends future mist cycles until the leak is fixed, saving you money on wasted insecticide.